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​​​Representative Client Engagements​​

Large Computer Manufacturer​​

Our client consolidated almost 100 data centers globally into modular data centers that were fast track design built. Each project consisted of a core/shell component and one data center module inclusive of four computer room cells (white space) of approximately 25,000 SF raised floor area. 

Day One included the building core and 1, 2, 3, or 4 cells; expandable for a total white space of approximately 200,000 SF. We provided initial assessments, MDC design services, cost estimates, site due diligence, long lead items, and MDC commissioning. 

7x24xforever in operation, the utility infrastructure is a parallel, redundant, and scalable Tier III (Concurrently maintainable) data center design. These data centers are capable of performing in severe weather conditions.

​Large Computer Manufacturer​​

We provided gap assessments of over 60 major data centers worldwide.

Our strategic report and recommendations formulated the basis for global optimization.

Top 3 global Petroleum company​​

We created a 20-year Data Center strategy for corporate and global data centers, as well as a new ‘green’ concurrently maintainable white space. 

To improve electrical safety and infrastructure reliability, we performed arc flash analysis and circuit breaker coordination for 15kV, 4160V and 480V systems on the entire HQ campus. Core to this effort was retro-commissioning and dynamic balancing. This required coordinated effort with equipment manufacturers. 

The result was reduced business interruption and increased confidence in the electrical network.

Global Broadcaster​​

XL Mission Critical routinely provides Forensics and Commissioning for our client's complex digital media environments and terminal gear rooms (TGR).

National Collocation Company​​​

We provide commissioning and forensics that have eradicated lurking vulnerabilities and brand-tarnishing catastrophic failures.​

Global Financial Services Company​​

XL Mission Critical routinely provides technical leadership, design guidance, commissioning and forensic services globally; including several large regional offices. 

We lead the damage control and recovery effort when the generator and UPS failed at our client's corporate offices.​​